Pixies, Fairies and my Imaginary Garden

Hello there!

Greetings from my Imaginary World!

It's been a busy week here in Janeworld. I have completed all 28 drawings for my next Fine Art Coloring Book - "The Imaginary Garden " . I delivered it all to the printer so we're off and running on that project...very excited about this one! I even included a map to guide your fantastical journey. You will discover exotic plants, strange insects, fairies, bunny rabbits all dressed up to go a courting, and even Magical Mushrooms among other things during you coloring adventure.

I was inspired to make an Imaginary Magical Garden my theme for this book after attending and speaking to the nice folks at the Jefferson Co. Master Gardeners convention in February.  I also will be the keynote speaker at the State Master Gardeners Convention coming this May, so garden were definitely getting my attention! Most all of my "master gardening" is done with my imagination, but that's ok with them!

Best to do the best with what one does best - and what I do best is draw! Flowers, trees and beautiful gardens have always been an inspiration to me. As a child playing in my Grandmother's  back yard, I was always on the lookout for tiny fairies and odd insects. I even had a bug collection ... until that  kinda grossed me out.

I digress.

After I finished the Garden drawings , I got back into clay and carried on the theme of elves and fairies. I am having fun constructing Pixie Cottages and designing Fairy Houses. This has been way more fun than dwelling on bad news ( too much of that around these days unfortunately). 

So - I will keep on doing my best at doing what I do best... you can quote me on that!