Finding My Way Back to Peavine

Have you ever had the feeling that the Universe is trying to tell you to do something for your own good? In my case lately - I think the Universe has actually been shouting at me to GET BACK TO WRITING ON BOOK 3 for pete's sake!!!! Ok, I hear you.

I am daily admonished by my imaginary friends from Peavine as I look at the painting of "Doll Dumas in Heaven" and the sculpture of "Teenie Brice in Blue Suede shoes with Princess the Poodle on his lap".  However when I encounter more than three or more  people a week asking me how the writing is going or when the third book will be finished, I begin to take notice. 

Sure, I've been busy with my sculpture and now is the time to start some Christmas paintings, but I think I need to carve out some time in the next week to find my way back to Peavine and dive back into the story in Book 3 of the Peavine Chronicle series , The Blue Hawaiian Bar and Grill .

I've actually been working on this novel sporadically over the past year and a half - between all my visual art projects. I'm about a fourth of the way into the story and have finally settled on how I want it to end. I have to know what my beginning, middle and ending are before I can really get going. That gives me plenty of room to meander and discover things about my characters along the way!

The book opens with scenes that take place about four months after the April Fools Day Surprise Wedding of Lucille Lepanto to Bo Astor from the conclusion of Book 2, Thirty-Foot Elvis! It's Labor Day 1985, which also happens to be really labor day for Lucille's daughter Tammy who is being dutifully Lamaze coached by her blushing new husband Cecil Swindle. It turns out to be a day full of surprises! The entire extended family from Madge's Mobile Home Park are in the waiting room (including the Spirits of Granny Laurite and Doll Dumas that only Rhonelle the town psychic can see!)

So stay tuned friends, and if you still haven't gotten a chance to read books 1 and 2 - get your copies and meet my friends! I think you have time to get caught up.