It's a whole New World!

Oooookay! Here we go! I've never done a blog nor installed a real online e-commerce STORE before now, but I suppose I need to take this big step and begin my adventures in the 2000 teens. On this page you can read updates on what's new, what I'm working on in clay (that is still waiting to dry), what I want to build next, paint next... and write next on Book 3! It seems the older I get - the more ideas and projects I want to do! I am grateful for the inspiration, just could use an apprentice to help me out. So, enough on the computer for now and time to get back into my studio and get my hands dirty. I've got 4 ladies in chairs as works in progress. I gotta put arms and legs on one and a hat on another! Talk to you soon!

Meanwhile take a look at Jane F. Hankins on Facebook (business page so no "friending" necessary.