A Busy Week in "Janeland"

Hello everybody (kind enough to read this)!

I have finished building  4 new ladies in chairs. They are doing everything from cheering on the Razorbacks , sipping champagne, and yelling at the TV news over chips and a highball. To see how I work on 4 projects at once in porcelain clay, go check out the posted photos on my Facebook business page. Simply google Jane F. Hankins on Facebook and take a look. No "friending neeeded.  You can see the different stages of their development - literally from the bottom up! They are now patiently drying out so I can load and fire the kiln in another week or 2.

I'm now starting on some smaller special orders and angels that will fill out the rest of the kiln.

I took some special Christmassy items to the Arkansas Art Center Museum Shop ... and just today a few more over to Local Colour Gallery on Kavanaugh (our friendly local artist co-op in the Heights). Local Colour will be having a Holiday Show opening this evening (11/12) at 5:30. I will try to get by there after my book talk and signing that goes on also this evening! Yep, my author hat will be on tonight,too.

On top of all this - I did a BIG CLEAN OUT of the clay portion of my studio and hosed it down. It's necessary to do this ever so often to hold down on the clay dust, and chase out spiders! Eeeeeuuu!

ANYhooo, I told you It's been a busy week.Can't really complain though, when I have all those happy little faces on my creations smiling back at me!